Conversation groups and children’s activities open for sign-ups!

Top départ pour les inscriptions!





Si vous ne l’avez pas encore fait, pensez à vous inscrire pour les groupes de conversation en anglais pour adults. Voir lien : English Conversation groups REGISTRATION 2018-2019.


d’inscrire votre enfant aux activités d’initiation à l’anglais pour les 3 à 10 ans. Voir lien : Bulletin inscription 2018-2019.

Ces activités ont lieu une fois par semaine sauf vacances scolaires. 


The library is open for business!

After a great summer break and lots of changes in the library, the librarians and volunteers are back in the saddle and ready to roar for a new year of great library activities! Stop in and say hi…pick up a book or two and sign up for your 2018-2019 activities!




Introducing… “Books at Heart!”

When you come into the library, you may be faced with the question, “What should I read next?” The library has a huge collection (about 30,000 books!)… but which books will promise you hours of good reading?

“Books at Heart” will help you with your question.  It’s a new initiative for book lovers, to promote sharing and feedback about books. Now you can tell everyone about the books you love!

Firstly, you’ll find a new noticeboard in the library, called “Our Books of the Year”. There’s already a small selection of truly excellent recommendations. It’s open to everyone… feel free to add YOUR book of the year. Spread the news!

Secondly, we invite people to “curate” their favorite books. A curator will promote a selection of books. It could be a genre (crime, historical, classics…), it could be linked to a country (Sweden, Canada, China…), or a non-fiction range (politics, history, cooking…).

And, we need volunteers! As a curator, you will put an information card on the shelves every month or so, to promote a book or an author. And you will organize a front-of-library display once a year. If you want to become a curator, contact Peter Bolos, Library staff member, at


This is just the beginning for Books at Heart. There’s more to come! Stay Tuned.