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The library is currently closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic in France. We are working from home to bring you access to digital resources and videos to keep your minds healthy and stimulated during the confinement period. Scroll down for links to e-book collections, platforms for learning English, online storytime, and more!


Website recommendations during Covid-19 shutdown! 

Part of what librarians love to do is to help recommend quality materials for learning. Here is a short list of what we have selected as the best-quality websites…not quite the same as learning and teaching in person, but perhaps the next best thing!

Links to learn English for adults –

Links to learn English for young adults – Découvrez tous les quinze jours des contenus pédagogiques pour préparer et animer vos cours : vidéos et podcasts avec leurs éclairages historiques et média, articles, pistes d’exercices.

Links to learn English for children –

Brightly Storytime on YouTube : If you sign up you will get a daily story delivered to your email address!

Hungry from some literary stimulation?

We hope that you enjoy our recommendations. Inspiration is essential!!!

Need a book? Check out these ebooks from home for free!

In these difficult times of confinement, you’ve probably got time to catch up on your reading. Your library has closed its doors for a while, so how to get hold of some books?

Here are two ways :

  • The Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks. Lots of classics. Go here(or copy & paste to get started. The top 100 books are here (or copy & paste ). Currently Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen are in the top 10. And there are French language books too,here (or copy &paste )
  • Scribd is offering a free month to everyone. Scribd (or copy/paste is “the world’s biggest digital library”, with a million books (and that includes some really great reads from all around the world) and 60 million documents. In addition, there are some excellent US magazines and a wide range of audio books.

There are thousands of great books waiting for you. Free of charge. Enjoy reading … and when you find a great book, tell everyone about it by sending an email to !


Closing of the library…fermature de la bibliothèque Covid-19

With the unknown future effects of Covid-19 the library is currently closed until further notice. Decisions will be made according to health & safety recommendations and will be evolving accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

En raison de l’incertitude liée au Covid-19, la bibliothèque est fermée jusqu’à nouvel ordre. Les décisions seront prises en fonction des recommandations officielles en lien avec le Ministère de la Santé et de l’Intérieur. Merci de votre compréhension.

Books at Heart!

When you come into the library, you may be faced with the question, “What should I read next?” The library has a huge collection (about 30,000 books!)… but which books will promise you hours of good reading?

“Books at Heart” will help you with your question.  It’s a new initiative for book lovers, to promote sharing and feedback about books. Now you can tell everyone about the books you love!

Firstly, you’ll find a new noticeboard in the library, called “Our Books of the Year”. There’s already a small selection of truly excellent recommendations. It’s open to everyone… feel free to add YOUR book of the year. Spread the news!

Secondly, we invite people to “curate” their favorite books. A curator will promote a selection of books. It could be a genre (crime, historical, classics…), it could be linked to a country (Sweden, Canada, China…), or a non-fiction range (politics, history, cooking, etc.).

And, we need volunteers! As a curator, you will put an information card on the shelves every month or so, to promote a book or an author. And you will organize a front-of-library display once a year. If you want to become a curator contact Peter Bolos, library staff member, at

The Library Celebrates 25 Years

Curious about what makes the library so unique? Enjoy this mini-film which commemorates the library’s 25th anniversary and the wonderful community who made it all possible!

A big thank you to our members and volunteers. Happy Anniversary to the library!