In 2021…”Think big, Think Green”…

Stay tuned for announcements for “Think Big, Think Green”, an exciting project for the library that focuses on creating an awareness for library members and friends about the issues of climate change…providing discussion, talks by environmental specialists and a selection of books to look at 2021 with a green focus. Discussions include how we can make our food consumption more sustainable, healthier and more respectful of the planet Earth. “Think Big, Think Green” is a timely opportunity for the library’s community to engage in discussion about the future!

Mentors to help students through these tough times

The English-language Library feels strongly about supporting students during this difficult period and supporting them NOW.

Mentor program – students can sign up to have a mentor. The library’s mentors can help students with immediate needs or building vision for the future by sharing information and skills during meetings. Both mentor and mentee agree to meet over 3 months from the time they are introduced on a weekly basis. To sign up to the library’s mentor program students can fill out the information below by email and send them to The library will send the student the program guidelines and start matching them with their mentor.



Phone number:


  1. What do you expect to get out of the mentoring program?
  2. What are your current needs/how can your mentor best help you?
  3. How would you like to meet: in person (according to Covid rules), by Zoom, by Skype, etc.
  4. When are you available?
  5. Where are you studying and what year are you in?

Bingo! Donations for 2020 are OVER 10.000! THANK YOU!

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Thank you to all of those who have already donated! It is truly heart-warming to see the support pouring in!

Would anyone else like to support the library?

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