Les bonnes résolutions de 2024 : Take the Books at Heart Reading Challenge!!

Take the Books at Heart 2024 Reading Challenge!

The challenge is to read twelve books in 2024, each in a different category.

Is this a competition? No, it’s just reading for pleasure from our varied collection. Your prize is to discover some great new books.

We will help you! Each month, there will be a display at the front of the library of books from one category. And, if you sign up to the challenge, we will send you occasional mails giving ideas of books to read, by category.

How to join the challenge? You can simply start reading and track your own progress. Or you can join with other readers and register for the challenge! Each time you finish reading a book for the challenge, you can complete an on-line form (author, title, your 5-star rating). Your personal progress will remain private, but we’ll publish some summaries of what people are reading.

What happens at the end of 2024? We will invite you to an “End of Challenge” celebration.

Take the Books at Heart 2024 Reading Challenge!