About Us

In a nutshell…

The English-language Library in Angers (ELLIA) has been open to the public at 60 rue Boisnet since December 1993. It is a non-profit association funded by the Département de Maine et Loire, the Région Pays de la Loire, the Ville d’Angers, the Université d’Angers and the Université Catholique de l’Ouest.

Ms. Gaelle Delarboulas is the President of the Association Angevine de la Bibliothèque Anglophone and Mrs. Phoebe Marshall-Raimbeau is the Director of the library.

Mission Statement

The Association Angevine de la Bibliothèque Anglophone is committed to the management and public usage of the English-Language Library in Angers. The library originated from materials donated by the American Library of Paris, a collection which has steadily expanded with the English-Language Library’s acquisitions. This library actively participates in the dissemination of information relevant to English-speaking countries and seeks to spread awareness and appreciation of these countries’ respective literature and culture, with interest in all English-speaking regions in Europe and abroad. The library offers regular cultural activities that embrace this mission.