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Call for donations for Silent Auction | 08/10/2021-28/10/2021 | All Day

Call for donations for Silent Auction

The library needs you!

The library is launching an exciting fundraiser and once again the library needs your help…want to take part? Read on! Silent auctions are great “fun” raisers and fundraisers and this is how you can help.

We are looking for donations of items and services that we will open up to bidding during the month of November. Highest bidder wins of course, and the proceeds come into the library’s 2021 budget…helping the library raise precious funds for the many programs and wonderful collection of books.

The library would like to ask you to donate gifts of value (minimum 30 euros) and/or think about asking a friend or local business about donating something. If you would like to present an official letter of request to a business, feel free to print out this letter in English by clicking here and in French by clicking here.

Donations can be items and/or services. Short of ideas? Look at this list for inspiration.* Everything should be brought to the library by October 28th (bidding starts the following week). Since this is a fundraiser we are asking for items of minimum value 30 euros. Auction items will be displayed in the library and featured on our website for bidding starting November 2nd and will remain open until 6pm on November 25th.

Ready to donate? Easy as pie! Here is your link to fill out a donation form  and send it back to Thank you ever so much for your support and helping us make the library the place to be.

* We accept anything from tickets to concerts, theatre, movies, museums; lovely antique furniture or dishware (in perfect condition); paintings and/or sculptures; paid entries or private visits to a chateau, theme parks, zoo, etc…; experiences such as a cruise, hot air balloon rides, cooking lessons; gift baskets on a theme; gift cards from local businesses: a restaurant, yoga lessons; services: hairdresser, beauty salon, massages; weekend or days in a vacation home or gîte, etc.

Art Exhibition: Emmanuelle Tenailleau | 14/10/2021-23/11/2021 | 1:00 pm-6:00 pm

Art Exhibition: Emmanuelle Tenailleau

Emmanuelle Tenailleau believes that painting has the power to give meaning and feeling to shapes and colors. It offers the experience of visually feeling what cannot be said with words. Painting can express wonder, worry, happiness, loneliness… It takes us to what is buried in each of us.

She describes her style as figurative, without being classic, because the world as she perceives it, reveals forms that inspire her: the shadow of a tree trunk, the cut of a leaf, the posture of a kneeling man, a child running, a woman walking, the plumage of a bird. For the past two years, her painting has been inspired by fairy tales. She creates figures of children grappling with the world that they are discovering with courage and questioning. Emmanuelle Tenailleau feels that life oscillates between the imaginary and reality which confront each other and/or connect. The figure of the wolf, for example, embodies fear, without us knowing whether this fear is real or imagined.

The artists she met during her childhood, through her grandfather Jean Commère, and her career in an art gallery and in visual art journalism played a major role in her artistic education. She also developed her creativity thanks to her visits to many museums. She pursued a university course at Paris Sorbonne (History, Art History and Visual Arts) before becoming an expert in modern and contemporary painting. She is a member of the Chambre nationale des experts spécialisés (CNES) since 2006 and of the Maison des Artistes.

Textile Art & Crafts | 14/10/2021 | 2:30 pm-4:30 pm

Textile Art & Crafts

If you would like to do textile arts while speaking in English, this activity is for you! Participants create textile pieces of their choice using any technique that suits them: embroidery, patchwork, quilting, weaving, collages. It is also a great opportunity for each person to learn new techniques.

Covid protocol require that you bring your own materials. Open to library members. If you would like to join the group who meets once a month, if possible, please sign up at the front desk.