Events - 28 Jun 19

Elianne Richard’s Art Show | 13/06/2019-06/07/2019 | All Day

Elianne Richard's Art Show

The month-long art show “Eye to Eye – Avec ces yeux-là” featuring engraving and print pieces by Elianne Richard opens on Thursday, June 13th at 6 PM. Join us for refreshments and meet the artist! The exhibition, free and open to the public, continues until July 6th during opening hours.

In 2006 Elianne Richard was first introduced to metal engraving by Richard Chester, a specialist in multi-colored (polychromatic) engraving using the Hayter method. Her goal at the time was to learn how to use acid to prepare pieces for enameling, but she was intrigued by this method of inking an engraved metal plate with several colors at the same time, which would then produce beautiful polychrome and monochrome prints after just one pass through the press. The traditional approach requires several passes through the press, cleaning the plate and applying a different color each time to obtain a multi-colored result. Drawn by the beautiful results Elianne forgot about enameling for a time and devoted herself to learning the art of engraving.

Elianne says she enjoys the manual work that engraving demands (cutting, polishing, inking, wiping, etc.) as well as the astonishing softness and warmth that a plate can have. To her own surprise, she discovered a fascination with worlds of air and water, worlds of genesis, worlds of promise or worry. Her first pieces, in small colorful formats, have become increasingly bigger. She duplicates the same print multiple times on the same paper and does forms of collage. In fact, she has combined her two passions as she will use enameled plates to further adorn and enhance her engravings. Currently, she has started dabbling in black and white ink, which she says is a real luxury.

“I go where I want to go, starting from outside observation or from within myself, I search for each engraving, print, collage… a new perspective. “ – Elianne Richard

Wellness Day! | 28/06/2019 | 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Wellness Day!

Healthy mind and body, happy life! Come to the library for Wellness Day on Friday, June 28th from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Workshops offered all day:

  • 10h-11h30: Ecological Action, learn how you can impact climate change and make a difference, with Amy Concilio. No reservation.
  • 10h-11h30: “Paths to Contentment” Life Coaching, dive into the compelling and elusive topic of contentment, with Aïda Guèye. 10 participants. Reservation required.
  • 11h45-12h45: Shakti Dance Yoga, practice a combination of yoga, dance, music, mantras, flowing stretches, energized movements, relaxation and meditation, with Celeste Prancic. 12 participants. Reservation required.
  • 14h-15h30: Nutrition (details coming soon).
  • 14h-15h30: Creative Writing as therapy with Anne Woodford. Reservation required.
  • 15h45-16h45: Let’s Sing! No matter your level or what your voice sounds like, have fun and build confidence through song, with Liz Hanaway. No reservation.
  • 17h-18h: Tai Chi, discover the ancient Chinese martial art and the forces of yin and yang, while improving your defense training and health, with Isabelle Monnier. 25 participants. Reservation required.

And a Smoothie Bar (smoothies for 1 €) all day! Sign-up at / Free and open to the public. Come and enjoy!

Reading Shakespeare | 28/06/2019 | 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

Reading Shakespeare

Treat yourself to an afternoon of a collective reading of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing“. This activity consists of watching a BBC production on DVD and then reading relative scenes. This is a great activity for lovers of language and fans of the great wit. The activity is free for library members. Please sign-up by emailing group leader John Barritt here.