Film Club presents “Esther Kahn”

Film Club presents “Esther Kahn” | 18/03/2017 | 3:00 pm-5:30 pm


The next film club event will be a showing of “Esther Kahn” by Arnaud Desplechin. To say that Esther Kahn is the black sheep or the ugly duckling of her noisy family would create a false impression of cuteness. Her harried, good-humored mother (Frances Barber) remarks that Esther (played as a young girl by Philadelphia Deda and then by Summer Phoenix) is not a human child at all, but a monkey or a pig. But even those creatures have their adorable aspect, and there is nothing especially cuddly or lovable about Esther. Sullen, incommunicative and shut off from all emotions other than rage and frustration, she seems less like a daughter or a sister than a feral mascot, a wolf child taken in and raised in the busy domestic warmth of late-19th-century Jewish working-class London.

Screening begins at 15:00 sharp. This activity is free of charge for all library members. Please reserve by signing up at the front desk in advance. A discussion in English will follow the film.

Location: English-language Library in Angers