2 seats for the Opéra de Baugé generously donated by the Opéra de Baugé

Description : Take your choice between one of the three following operas that will take place in July & August 2016

L’incoronazione di Poppea – Monteverdi.


L’incoronazione di Poppea was first performed in 1642 when Opera, as an art form, had existed for barely 20 years. It is a tale of lust, ambition, and betrayal. From its first showing it has been praised for its drama as much as for its exquisite music. It is Monteverdi’s last and arguably greatest work, a unified masterpiece of unprecedented depth and individuality.


Albert Herring – Britten

Almost at the opposite end of the chronological scale, Albert Herring was first performed more than 300 years after Poppea. It may be a ‘modern’ opera, but it is extremely tuneful and very amusing. It is the work which Glyndebourne restarted after the Second World War and the first Opera that we performed at the Opera de Baugé 14 years ago. It was due to the popularity of this production with our audience that convinced us to continue, so you may even say that Albert Herring is the reason why we are still here.

Sviastoslav Richter called it ‘the greatest comic opera of the century.’ Britten re-set this Guy de Maupassant novella in a Suffolk village like the one where he lived. The lady of the Manor combs the countryside for a virtuous maiden whom she can crown as May Queen as an example and encouragement to the other village girls. Herquest seems doomed to failure until


La périchole – Offenbach

The music of this opera is vintage Offenbach in its sparkling, lilting melodies and vivacious rhythms. The subject matter, however, is more serious and realistic than many. Two street entertainers from Lima want to be married but can’t afford the licence. Their encounter with the opulence and corruption of the vice-regal court results in them achieving their ambition after many trials.