Saturday Reading Group

Saturday Reading Group | 15/01/2022 | 3:00 pm-4:30 pm

Saturday Reading Group

The Saturday Reading Group is for anyone who loves to read, socialize in English, and meet new people.

The January read for the group is Crossing the Lines by Sulari Gentill. Two authors are writing two books. Madeleine is writing a book, with Edward as a main character. And Edward is also writing a book, with Madeleine as heroine. But who is the author and who is the creation? And who is affected when a killer strikes? Sulari Gentil writes detective stories, but Crossing the Lines is not about collecting clues and solving crimes. Rather it’s about the process of creation, as the act of writing merges with the story being told. It’s a self-referring narrative, which makes you question who to trust, and who and what is true.

Meetings are once a month on Saturday afternoons starting at 3 pm. Open to all library members. To sign up please contact the group coordinator at

Location: English-language Library in Angers