July 4th concert & picnic at the Domaine de Bré

July 4th concert & picnic at the Domaine de Bré | 04/07/2017 | 5:00 pm-9:30 pm

July 4th

Join us for a July 4th concert and bring-your-own-picnic party!

Members and friends of the library are invited to a July 4th celebration at the Domaine de Bré including concert and picnic! Come for an evening on Tuesday, July 4th…bring your own picnic basket and plates, glasses and silverware…a drink will be offered free. Concert starts at 5 and will be followed by the bring-your-own picnic in the beautiful garden of Bré.

Javier Oviedo

The concert will be performed by
Javier Oviedo on the saxophone and Marie-Danielle Mercier on the piano and is part of the SOIREES MUSICALES at the Domaine de Bré.


·         Gabriel PIERNE – Canzonetta

·         Enrique GRANADOS – Trois Danses Espagnoles

·         Hector BERLIOZ – Le Spectre de la Rose

·         Jacques IBERT – Histoires…

Suggested donation = 15 euros, contribution given wholly to the musicians.

For directions please click here.
Please reserve by sending an email to info@ellia.org by June 29th.

Location: Domaine de Bré