Author Geetanjali Shree is giving a talk

Author Geetanjali Shree is giving a talk | 19/05/2017 | 10:00 am-11:00 am


Come to a talk by Geetanjali Shree, a well-known Hindi novelist and short story writer, who will be talking about “Writing Women” in English.

Geetanjali Shree will share some thoughts about women looking at the world and about the world looking at women. Her writing (the novel Mai, as well as other fiction) and India will be the point of reference. Hopefully that will bring in various subjects, such as old and new, gender and class, East and West, indeed a whole array of contrasts that are too easily put in neat and opposing binaries. In fact, in the pluralistic, multi-lingual society that India is, these co-mingle. What emerges may look like chaos, a mere cacophony, but is, the author believes, creative polyphony. The stress would be on the need to move away from neat divides and linear trajectories.

Free and open to the public, no need to reserve.

Location: English-language Library in Angers