Support the library…consider giving a donation in 2018

The library has had a wonderful year of celebration acknowledging the steady growth of the library over the past 25 years. The board, staff, volunteers and members have taken the time to reflect on the past with memories and pictures and friendship over time. Now is the time to gaze into the future and make sure that the library’s motto “The library. The place to be.” is deeply secured. May the library exist in 2043, 25 years from now! This is where members and friends can come into play. Please consider donating to the library. And join in with those who are calling out “Long live the library”!

To donate, simply click here for the form in English, print it out and fill it in. Your donation makes you eligible for 66% tax write-off in France and if you send in your payment before December 31st, your donation will apply to your 2018 tax declaration.