Need a book? Check out these ebooks from home for free!

In these difficult times of confinement, you’ve probably got time to catch up on your reading. Your library has closed its doors for a while, so how to get hold of some books?

Here are two ways :

  • The Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks. Lots of classics. Go here(or copy & paste to get started. The top 100 books are here (or copy & paste ). Currently Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen are in the top 10. And there are French language books too,here (or copy &paste )
  • Scribd is offering a free month to everyone. Scribd (or copy/paste is “the world’s biggest digital library”, with a million books (and that includes some really great reads from all around the world) and 60 million documents. In addition, there are some excellent US magazines and a wide range of audio books.

There are thousands of great books waiting for you. Free of charge. Enjoy reading … and when you find a great book, tell everyone about it by sending an email to !