Theater in English…Word for Word!

Theater in English…Word for Word! | 18/04/2018 | 8:00 pm-10:00 pm

Theater in English...Word for Word!

WORD FOR WORD, the theater company from San Francisco which transforms short stories into great theater will be presenting ”Stories by Lucia Berlin” directed by Nancy Shelby and JoAnne Winter. The performance will include 5 stories: “Her first detox”, “Emergency room notebook 1977”, “Unmanageable”, “502” et “Here it is Saturday”…all available at the library for those who would like to read them beforehand.

Lucia Berlin (1936-2004) published 77 short stories during her lifetime. Most, but not all, were collected in three volumes from Black Sparrow Press: Homesick (1991), So Long (1993), and Where I Live Now (1999). These gathered from previous collections of 1980, 1984, and 1987, and presented newer work. Early publication commenced when she was twenty-four, in Saul Bellow’s journal The Noble Savage and in The New Strand. Later stories appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, New American Writing, and countless smaller magazines. Homesick won an American Book Award. Berlin worked brilliantly but sporadically throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and most of the 1980s. By the late ’80s, her four sons were grown and she had overcome a lifelong problem with alcoholism (her accounts of its horrors, its drunk tanks and DTs and occasional hilarity, occupy a particular corner of her work). Thereafter she remained productive up to the time of her early death.

Shows are on Wednesday, April 18th at 8 pm & Thursday, April 19th at either 2 or 8 pm at the Quart’Ney, Maison de quartier associative, 5/9 Ernest Eugène Duboys à Angers.

Limited seating available so we highly recommend that you reserve early. To reserve, simply send an email by clicking here or give the library a call at Donations will be accepted at the door.

Word for Word’s mission is to “tell great stories with elegant theatricality, staging performances of classic and contemporary fiction”. Made possible by the generous support of the Florence Gould Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Foundation and the Bernard Osher Foundation.

Photo 1: The Author, Lucia Berlin – Albuquerque, New Mexico,1962. Photo: Buddy Berlin (© 2015 Literary Estate of Lucia Berlin LP)

Photo 2: L-R Indiia Wilmott, Norman Gee, Jeri Lynn Cohen, Gendell Hernández, Ryan Williams French.”Good times in the Chevy Corsair.” Word for Word’s Lucia Berlin: Stories; photo credit, Julie Schuchard.

Location: Quart'Ney