The Big Quiz

The Big Quiz | 10/06/2022 | 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

The Big Quiz

After cancellation in 2021, the Big Quiz is back for the 11th edition! Join the library for a whole evening of fun…if you like Trivial Pursuit you will LOVE this!

Here’s the deal: teams of 6…6 heads are better than 1! You are welcome to constitute a full team or simply join in on partially filled teams…you might meet some great new friends! Teams are colored coded, do any of the following colors match your wardrobe?  Whiter Shade of Pale, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Greensleeves, Brown Sugar, Black Eyed Peas, Simply Red, Blueberry Hill, Orange Crush, Yellow Submarine?

Note the start time, 6 pm, SHARP… yes, best to be on time! There will be questions in all sorts of shapes, sizes and challenges. Wine, coffee (we will need it!), tea, and nibbles will be available. All this for just 12 euros per person: the ultimate win-win situation, support the library and enjoy the fun, the friendship, the laughter…and perhaps you will learn something new!

To sign up send an email by clicking here!

Location: English-language Library in Angers