Garden Club visit

Garden Club visit | 05/10/2023 | 2:30 pm-4:00 pm

Garden Club visit

The garden club invites you to discover the beautiful gardens in the area! Some members enjoy having lunch at a restaurant prior to the visits and others only take part in the visits.

In October, we will visit the Arboretum Gaston Allard in Angers after having lunch at La Douce Heure. Unlike most months, this will not be a guided visit. We will simply wander through the Arboretum hoping to catch the trees in their autumn colors while enjoying each other’s company. Reservations will be made for noon at La Douce Heure.

The “Garden Club” activity is open to library members and offers visits once a month to a garden between April and October. For more information and/or to sign up for the visit, please send an email to Diane Bonneau at (

Location: Arboretum Gaston Allard