Best wishes for 2021!

Dear friend, dear library member,

2020 brought us some good things (!): marks of solidarity, the discovery of new tools (Zoom, Whatsapp, Trello, etc.) and the rediscovery and delicious taste of what seemed to us definitively acquired: friendship, the beauty of nature, the sweetness of one’s family and just being alive.

May 2021 be even sweeter and also more “normal” so that we can (finally) meet in groups without risk for an activity, a drink or a newborn child.

These are our New Year’s wishes I extend with Phoebe and the staff to you and all those dear to you, thanking you for the trust you have placed in us throughout this “special” year and for your generosity.

Long live 2021 and its promises!

Sincerely yours,

Anne LEBEUGLE, Chairwoman of the library board