Art Exhibitions at the Library

Are you an artist? Would you like to show your art at the library? Contact the library’s Art Exhibition Committee! The library is using its walls to show month-long art exhibitions by local artists. Show your paintings, photography, prints, textile arts, etc! Unfortunately, the space is not suitable to display sculptures or ceramics.

Art exhibits will be one month in duration, with the possibility to sell the artwork to the public. The library will purchase one piece of art per exhibition, to develop their own art collection. The library’s art collection is available to members to borrow for a period of time, for a low monthly fee, much like the Artothèque.

The artist is responsible for hanging their show and taking it down. Their presence is required for the opening to welcome the public and make a short presentation of their work and themselves (English is preferred but not obligatory). The library will cover the expenses for the opening as well as publicity and charges no fee.

Along with the exhibition, the artist will offer a 2-hour activity to library members. The activity can be in the form of a workshop, talk, critiquing session, or even going on a photo shoot.

To apply please send the following information to the Art Exhibition Committee:

  • A short description of yourself (the artist) and your work
  • A summary of your recent shows
  • Photo examples of the work you would like to exhibit
  • A photo of yourself
  • A title for the show
  • Tentative/preferred dates
  • An activity proposal to offer to library members