Events - 12 Feb 21

Coffee House…masked and no drinks! | 12/02/2021 | 9:00 am-11:00 am

Coffee House...masked and no drinks!

Join the library community for a special moment to talk about anything and everything…in English of course! For the time being, we are inviting everyone to come and socialize but will not be serving drinks in order to keep everyone safe! This is Coffee House with a “hold the coffee” protocol! Things will get better but meanwhile no coffee or tea!

Coffee House is free and open to all library members. Just drop by, no need to reserve!

“Think Big, Think Green” invites Henri Landes to talk about sustainable food systems | 12/02/2021 | 10:00 am-11:00 am

"Think Big, Think Green" invites Henri Landes to talk about sustainable food systems



Join the library for a Zoom talk with Henri Landes, first speaker for the library’s “Think Big, Think Green” speaker series. Now is the time to think about how our choices in buying and producing food impact sustainability.

Henri Landes is Cofounder and Director of the Landestini, ( a non profit organization which aims to reconnect people to land and nature. Education and awareness raising on sustainable food production and consumption are among its primary activities. Henri Landes also teaches environmental and agricultural policy at the Institute of Political Sciences, Sciences Po Paris. Having grown up in San Francisco, he is now living on a farm in Auvergne, France.

Henri Landes is most interested in how to relocalize the food system and change consumer behavior in order to preserve public health and the environment. In this talk, Henri Landes will do an overview of food, agricultural and environmental policy in France and the United States, and focus as well on education and on how to foster stewardship and engagement at the individual level. As comparisons between the two countries and cultures will be numerous, this talk will also be the perfect occasion to analyze and anticipate the new environmental era of President Joe Biden.

This talk is free and open to the public. There will be a 40-minute talk followed by a question-and-answer session. Click here for Zoom link. The library will also be projecting this event on a screen in the library for anyone who prefers to see it in our space. Limited to 15. First come first serve.

Reading Shakespeare | 12/02/2021 | 3:00 pm-4:30 pm

Reading Shakespeare

Treat yourself to an afternoon of a collective reading of one of Shakespeare’s plays. This activity consists of reading scenes from favorite Shakespeare plays. This is a great activity for lovers of language and fans of the great wit. Free and open to all library members. During the current sanitary crisis, the number of participants is limited. For more information or to sign-up, please contact the group coordinator here. This session will be held on Zoom.