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Cancellations for Covid-19 | 20/03/2020-15/04/2020 | All Day

Cancellations for Covid-19

With the unknown future effects of Covid-19 the library is currently closed until further notice. Decisions will be made according to health & safety recommendations and will be evolving accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

En raison de l’incertitude liée au Covid-19, la bibliothèque est fermée jusqu’à nouvel ordre. Les décisions seront prises en fonction des recommandations officielles en lien avec le Ministère de la Santé et de l’Intérieur. Merci de votre compréhension.

Gateway to great websites…boarding is imminent! This way please… | 20/03/2020-15/04/2020 | All Day

Gateway to great websites...boarding is imminent! This way please...

Website recommendations during Covid-19 shutdown! 

Part of what librarians love to do is to help recommend quality materials for learning. Here is a short list of what we have selected as the best-quality websites…not quite the same as learning and teaching in person, but perhaps the next best thing!

Links to learn English for Adults –

Links to learn English for young adults –  Ecouvrez tous les quinze jours des contenus pédagogiques pour préparer et animer vos cours : vidéos et podcasts avec leurs éclairages historiques et média, articles, pistes d’exercice.

Links to learn English for children –

Brightly Storytime on YouTube : . If you sign up your will get a daily story delivered to your email address !

Hungry from some literary stimulation ?

We hope that you enjoy our recommendations. Inspiration is essential!!!

Cancelled: Garden Club | 02/04/2020 | 3:00 pm-6:00 pm

Cancelled: Garden Club

This event has been cancelled.

The garden club invites you to discover the beautiful gardens in the area!

This visit is to Bouilhol in Sceaux d’Anjou who produce over 300 varieties of flowers for pots or window boxes, shrubs and vegetable plants. They produce in cold green houses in order to minimize CO2 emissions and shock to the plants when transplanted. They use as little chemicals as possible and preferably use natural predators. The group will be able to buy young plants after the visit.

This free activity is open to library members and offers visits once a month to a garden between April and October. For more information and/or to sign up for this visit please send an email to Sylvie Leys  at

Cancelled: Word for Word | 02/04/2020 | 8:00 pm-10:00 pm

Cancelled: Word for Word

Flash Covid-19: unfortunately, Word for Word has cancelled their performance because of COVID-19. They might reschedule for November so please stay posted. We are sorry for any inconvenience.