Events - 28 Jun 19

Elianne Richard’s Art Show | 13/06/2019-06/07/2019 | All Day

Elianne Richard's Art Show

The month-long art show “Eye to Eye – Avec ces yeux-là” featuring engraving and print pieces by Elianne Richard opens on June 13th and continues until July 11th during opening hours. Free and open to the public, come and view her work!

Summer Book Sale! | 25/06/2019-13/07/2019 | All Day

Summer Book Sale!

Stock up for a summer of reading with light, breezy popular fiction and novels from our Summer Book Sale! Perfect books to take to the beach or enjoy on the plane!

From Tuesday, June 25th to Saturday, July 13th at 6 PM. Books for 2 € each, all proceeds go to funding the library’s many activities that you know and love.

Wellness Day! | 28/06/2019 | All Day

Wellness Day!

Healthy mind and body, happy life! Come to the library for Wellness Day on Friday, June 28th from 10 AM to 6 PM. Free and open to the public.

Workshops offered all day, view the full program here.

Also a donation-based Smoothie Bar with fresh fruit smoothies all day!

For more details view the workshops posted on What’s Happening.

Ecological Action Workshop – Wellness Day | 28/06/2019 | 10:00 am-11:30 am

Ecological Action Workshop - Wellness Day

Ecological Action & Climate Change with Amy Concilio.

Do you want to impact climate change and have fun doing it? Learn what you can do at a personal level and share your own ideas. In this interactive workshop, we will explore lifestyle choices that reduce our environmental footprint and lead to increased health and happiness. Amy will share examples from her own life of cooperative approaches to reducing waste and resource consumption, growing food and wildlife habitat, and building community resilience in Santa Cruz, Boulder, and Austin, in the U.S.A. You will be invited to share your experiences about environmental initiatives that are happening locally in Angers and the Loire Valley, as well as to brainstorm ideas about projects that you want to make happen!

No reservation necessary. Free and open to the public.

Amy Concilio earned an M.S. in Ecology at the University of Toledo, a Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Cruz through their interdisciplinary Environmental Studies program, and is now a professor of Environmental Science at St. Edward’s University. Her research specializes in the impacts of climate change, invasive species, and nitrogen deposition on natural ecosystems, and restoration approaches for wilderness preserves and urban green spaces in an era of global change. Amy lives in Austin Texas  with her husband Adam, with no car, a big garden, and lots of great neighbors with whom they share resources and fun times.

Life Coaching Workshop – Wellness Day | 28/06/2019 | 10:00 am-11:30 am

Life Coaching Workshop - Wellness Day

Paths to Contentment, Life Coaching with Aïda Guèye.

 “You can own everything in the world but if you lack contentment, you’ll never be happy.” – Let’s dive into the compelling topic of contentment, that affects everyone’s life in one way or another. During this interactive workshop, let us ask ourselves thought-provoking questions and have deep conversations. Who knows, this discussion might impact us in ways we never thought of.

Reservation required: / Free and open to the public. 10 participants.

Aïda Guèye is a Certified Life Coach who is passionate about personal development issues.

Dance Yoga Workshop – Wellness Day | 28/06/2019 | 11:45 am-12:45 pm

Dance Yoga Workshop - Wellness Day

Shakti Dance Yoga with Celeste Prancic.

The discipline of Shakti Dance, the yoga of dance, is a combination of yoga, dance, music and mantras. The class starts with flowing stretches on the floor to ease out tensions. This is followed by energizing standing movements which lead into free dance. After this there is deep relaxation and we end with a moving meditation (movements that are repeated along with a mantra)!

No previous yoga or dance experience is necessary, but please bring your yoga mat, a bottle of water, and a light blanket for relaxation. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Some mats will be available, but please bring your own if possible. 

Reservation required: / Free and open to the public. 12 participants.

Celeste Prancic is a 500 hours British Wheel of Yoga certificate teacher. She is also a Yoga & Dance qualified teacher by the Shakti Dance Academy in England. She studied the technics of tantric meditation and Yoga Nidra at the Bija Yoga School in France. She has offered private and group sessions in Angers since 2014. To view her website click here.

Creative Writing Workshop – Wellness Day | 28/06/2019 | 2:00 pm-3:30 pm

Creative Writing Workshop - Wellness Day

Creative Writing as therapy with Anne Woodford.

Please bring pens and paper and an open mind. There will be no obligation to read what you have written out loud.

Reservation required: / Free and open to the public. 10 participants.

Before coming to live in France, Anne Woodford studied for a Certificate in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes at Bristol University. This led her to work with groups in Doctor’s surgeries and Old Peoples’ Homes and others, as a member of Lapidus, the ‘Words for Wellbeing Association.’ Since 2014, she has been working with two writing groups in Angers and in Saumur. Her work focuses on writing being therapeutic for the members.

Singing Workshop – Wellness Day | 28/06/2019 | 3:45 pm-4:45 pm

Singing Workshop - Wellness Day

Let’s Sing! Singing Workshop with Liz Hanaway. 

Singing is for everyone from babyhood to old age. Liz has sung in crèches and retirement homes. Learning words keeps the mind active and the breathing oxygenates the brain. Liz believes everyone can sing, even when they say they can’t – it’s a question of confidence and conviction and letting go!

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring a bottle of water and your good humour. You also might want to bring a folder for music/song photocopies.

No reservation necessary. Free and open to the public.

Liz Hanaway has been singing ever since she can remember. Everybody sang in her house and played an instrument. She sang at school and at church. When she was 6, she started crying while singing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” with her mother on the piano, because she suddenly understood the words and found them so sad. Singing has the power to uplift and move people. You sing when you’re happy and when you’re sad. Liz encourages people to join choirs for their social, mental and physical health. To view her website click here.

Tai Chi Workshop – Wellness Day | 28/06/2019 | 5:00 pm-6:00 pm

Tai Chi Workshop - Wellness Day

Tai Chi with Isabelle Monnier.

Enjoy a session of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a series of slow, flowing body movements with its roots in martial arts. These movements emphasize concentration, relaxation and, as in meditation, Tai Chi practitioners focus on their breathing and keeping their attention in the present moment.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. The session will be done in bare feet.

Reservation required: / Free and open to the public. 25 participants.

Isabelle Monnier is a Viet Tai Chi and internal martial arts instructor.