Events - 7 Déc 18

Coffee House | 07/12/2018 | 9:00 -11:00

Coffee House

This is a special moment when the community gathers together to talk about everything and anything (…in English of course!) and sips coffee and tea. Coffee House is free and open to all library members. Just drop in, no need to reserve!

Knit and natter | 07/12/2018 | 10:00 -11:00

Knit and natter

Come along and bring your knitting,

Have a natter while you’re sitting,

Or learn to knit with wool provided,

Needles loaned and stitches guided.

Knitted garments are très chic,

So be in vogue and start this week.

Knit and natter is a free activity open to all members. No need to reserve, just come and enjoy yourself! If anyone has some extra wool please bring it in. The Knitting group has a project knitting twiddle muffs and are looking for bits and pieces of washable wool.

Reading Shakespeare | 07/12/2018 | 3:00 -5:00

Reading Shakespeare

Treat yourself to an afternoon of a collective reading of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This activity consists of watching a BBC production on DVD and then reading relative scenes. This is a great activity for lovers of language and fans of the great wit. The activity is free for library members. Please sign up by sending an email to John Barritt.

Afterwork (better known as TGIF) | 07/12/2018 | 6:00 -7:30

Afterwork (better known as TGIF)

Come to the library’s TGIF/Afterwork/Afterschool party with drinks! This round is with a Christmas theme…wear your best Christmas sweater and come and enjoy some end-of-the-week fun. And heck, come even if you don’t have a Christmas sweater…come as you are! Just 5 euros a head! No need to reserve. Open to the public.

 Here’s the deal:

  1. Try some fun Christmas drinks and lots of juice.
  2. A surprise game to loosen up and have fun